Fall protection rails delivered & installed on your worksite

Unique Safety Rails & Roofing will work with you on your project to plan and schedule the delivery and installation of your fall protection rails so your worksite can continue uninterrupted due to our attention to detail with every installation which creates proper safety for your workers. 


Installation in According to the Code of Practice


As defined in the Code of Practice for the Prevention of Falls in General Construction, fall protection rails must be installed by knowledgeable and competent installers. With our specialist experience in the installation of fall prevention measures such as fall protection rails, we can help you keep your worksite safe for your workers. 


Are You 2 meters above ground?

Construction can be a hazardous line of work, this is why most project managers take exhaustive measures to ensure their workers are protected against preventable injury. That is also why Australia has explicit laws to protect professionals in the construction industry. The law states that tasks that take place at two meters and above must use a combination of fall prevention measures, which Unique Safety Rails can help you do!


Decades of Combined Experience


Unique Safety Rails founder Rhys has 15 years of experience in construction and roofing, and our team is composed of qualified and knowledgeable fall prevention measure installers. This means that no matter what the size of the building or facility you are working on, our team can help you secure your work site safely. 


Free Quote and Planning


If you aren’t completely sure what equipment you need to secure your work site to comply with Australian law, we offer a completely free, zero-obligation quote. Once you decide to work with Unique Safety Rails, we will make sure to deliver and install the roof safety rails you have ordered according to your specific job sites requirements. Get in-touch today for a quote.


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