What is the minimum height of edge protection?


The minimum height at which roof edge protection is required when working above ground level is two meters. A fall from even that height can result in debilitating, permanent and life-altering injuries. The requirements cover all unprotected open edges such as those found on sloping rooftops. 


The minimum height for edge protection such as roof safety rails is defined as ninety centimetres or nine hundred millimetres from the walking surface. Of course, depending on the application or angle of the work surface other measures may be necessary. You can find more information regarding different scenarios in this informational pdf and of course in the National Code of Practice for the Prevention of Falls in General Construction.


While roof edge protection is a key starting point to ensure safety on your work site, in some cases additional passive fall prevention measures may be necessary to meet the legal requirements as stipulated in the National Code of Practice. 


What are other types of fall prevention measures?


Other types of fall prevention measures may include:

  • Scaffolds perimeter screens

  • Step platforms perimeter guard railing

  • EWPs guard railing edges of roofs

  • Mast climbing work platforms protection for trenching works

  • Work boxes safety mesh

  • Purlin trolleys


As stated in the code, all fall protection measures must be installed by individuals that are experienced and knowledgeable in assembling fall prevention measures so that they accurately meet the work at height regulations. With almost a decade of experience, Unique Safety Rails can help you at every stage of securing your work area to ensure that you are within the legal framework and your workers are safe from injury. 


Starting from the beginning, Unique Safety Rails will help you plan when and where you need safety rails. After receiving a quotation, Unique Safety Rails will deliver and assemble the safety rails necessary for the completion of your project in a safe and secure way. Once your operations are finished or work has moved to ground level, Unique Safety Rails will come to your job site, disassemble and remove the measures.