What are your legal requirements when working on a roof?


When it comes to working at height it is first and foremost, the sole responsibility of the employer to manage the health and safety requirements for those on-site. Even a fall from as low as two meters can cause permanent and debilitating injury; this is why these hazards must be minimised when working on roofs.


The measures necessary to avoid these unfortunate scenarios include passive fall arrest systems, a combination of equipment that can protect workers from falls above two meters, including harnesses and roof safety rails. These roof guard rails are also known as passive fall prevention devices and can include safety nets and temporary work platforms.


For more information regarding working at height and the measures necessary to manage and mitigate risk, read the safeworkaustralia national code of practice for the prevention of falls in general construction. 


Beyond the devices and structures necessary for fall prevention while completing work on roofs, the legal requirements when working on a roof extend to providing training, instruction, information and supervision for the individuals working for you at height. 


Non-compliance with these measures can result in a category one offence, i.e. a breach of duty to protect workers. Such a breach of duty can result in hefty fines and even the risk of up to five years of imprisonment. However, you can avoid this by properly assessing your legal requirements when working on a roof. Thankfully Unique Safety Rails can help you complete your roofing project safely and legally. 


Our Services:


Planning and Quoting


Unique Safety Rails can help you plan and install the necessary roof safety railing for your project and deliver this equipment exactly when you need them to avoid disruption to your operations. 


Delivery and Assembly


Unique Safety Rails have been operating in the roofing industry for almost a decade; this is why we understand that fall prevention systems need to be installed and inspected properly. Therefore, we will deliver on the agreed-upon date and install them to create safety for your people who are working at height.


Removal Upon Completion


Unique Safety Rails also removes the cost and risk associated with tear down once the roof work is complete.  Our team of experienced professionals will disassemble and remove the roof safety rails when your project reaches completion.