Is it illegal to work on a roof without scaffolding?


This is a question we get asked often so we have decided to address it and help everyone better plan their roof maintenance and construction.


According to the National Code of Practice for the Prevention of Falls in General Construction (that you can read here), the answer is yes, it is illegal to work on a roof without scaffolding. Not adhering to the duties delineated in the code can result in extreme penalties including fines worth thousands of dollars of fines and or even prison sentences of up to five years.


However, scaffolding is not the only measure that should be taken to protect workers through - both active and passive fall prevention measures should be implemented, including the installation and inspection of roof safety rails. 


Now that you know it's illegal to work on a roof without scaffolding or roof safety rails, what should you do? 


Our recommended solution is working with a company such as Unique Safety Rails which can help you set up the correct measures to ensure that your worksite is both safe and compliant with laws stipulated in the national code pertaining to fall prevention. 


Here are some of the steps Unique Safety Rails & Roofing will take to ensure this:


Quote and Planning


The first phase of our operation involves planning out what exactly is your roof safety rail requirement and issuing a quote for the entire project. 


Delivery and Assembly


Unique Safety Rails & Roofing’s team will deliver and assemble the necessary safety devices to protect your workers and ensure your worksite complies with all health and safety regulations and laws regarding fall prevention while working at height.




Unique Safety Rails will visit your site when your project has been completed so that our team can disassemble and remove the safety rails from your roof, allowing you to focus on finalising your project and moving on to its next phase. 


Beyond working with a company that is complying with the legal framework regarding safety requirements on construction sites; you also access almost a decade of experience in roofing and safety rail installation when working with Unique Safety Rails. This can help you minimise the disruption of operations which will save you both money and time.